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At Genius, we don't just design buildings and infrastructure; we build visions of the future. As pioneers in sustainable engineering and innovation, we push boundaries to create solutions that reduce carbon footprints and construction costs.

Discover how our integrated approach in engineering, innovation, and marketing redefines excellence in the construction field.

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We wake up every morning to contribute to the realization of sustainable and innovative projects, driven by the audacity to redefine industry standards.

By choosing to work with us, you join a team determined to redefine engineering in Quebec.
Join us and help shape a future where engineering has a sustainable and positive impact.
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"We were greatly satisfied with the deliverables, which exceeded our expectations in terms of quality. Genius Group demonstrated leadership, innovation, and excellent collaboration throughout the project, and the team effectively highlighted the key elements of our project as we
envisioned it."

The Dorimène Project Team

"Since 2016, beyond technical skills, Genius has distinguished itself by its ability to build strong business relationships with its clients. Their commitment, dedication, and ability to overcome technical challenges make Genius Group a solid business partner in the engineering sector, which we wholeheartedly recommend to potential clients."

- Jean Routhier, President and CEO of Pieux Vistech

"Demonstrating positive leadership and an innovative and collaborative spirit, the team highlighted the capabilities of manufacturers and met the requirements of the technical and functional program. Our substantial interactions allowed us to observe the mastery of the subject within Genius Group in a strict budgetary context."

Pierre Blanchet, holder of the Industrial Research Chair on
Eco-responsible Wood Construction (CIRCERB)

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