Innovation (technology development)

Innovation redefined

What does innovation mean
to us?

At Groupe Genius, innovation is our driving force. We are bold creatives, refusing to accept the status quo. Making it a daily habit to suggest process improvements and invent new technologies is our routine.

We push boundaries to deliver ingenious solutions that transform the sustainable construction industry.

Our innovations

Development of software solutions and connected equipment and technologies

We develop software systems to meet some of our needs and can also help you develop yours. Equipment can be connected as needed to the developed software.


Low-carbon materials

We prioritize eco-friendly materials, adhering to the principle of the right material in the right place. Our preference for eco-responsible solutions guides our approach to ensure sustainable and efficient construction.


Economic standardization

The pre-calculated system of supported beams represents a promising and cost-effective technology. Facilitating usage and installation, this pilot project aims to make supported beams as efficient as standard steel beams, providing an economical alternative to incorporate wood without additional cost for the client.


Self-braced frame - construction without limits"

Our self-braced post-and-beam structural system is developed to ensure the lateral resistance of buildings. This revolutionary concept, successfully installed on the Jardin St-Stan building in 2018, aims to make the structure self-supporting, eliminating the need for scaffolding or temporary structures.


Development of eco-friendly walls

We are working on low-carbon, self-locking non-load-bearing walls, an innovation promising eco-friendly construction while meeting the strictest standards.


Innovative eco-friendly roof panels

Roof panels represent an affordable, low-carbon alternative to steel-beam-and-joist systems. Our solution, prefabricated panels, provides a ready-to-use interior surface, eliminating the need for additional finishing work. Easy, fast, and safe to install, these panels integrate a waterproof membrane, an insulating layer, an engineered wood structural diaphragm, and an anchoring system.


Innovative construction systems

Our team is constantly evolving to develop a revolutionary construction system aimed at reducing carbon footprint and construction costs. We prioritize advanced prefabrication principles, industrialization of construction, and adaptability to minimize impact and execution costs.

Our innovative achievements

Each project we undertake embodies our commitment to pushing the boundaries of sustainable construction. Explore our achievements, from innovative construction systems to eco-innovative roof panels, to understand how we turn innovative ideas into tangible solutions.

Each achievement is a demonstration of our ability to create a positive impact on the environment while meeting the unique needs of our partners.
See how our innovation tangibly transforms projects, from conception to completion.
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