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Optimus: Redefining the helical pile industry

At the core of our commitment to innovation and sustainability, Groupe Genius presents Optimus, a revolutionary solution for the helical pile industry.

We provide cutting-edge engineering recommendations for helical pile installation across Canada and in multiple outlets in the United States.

Optimus is not just a response; it's an evolution of existing technologies, transcending simplistic approaches of the past.


Platform and equipment ecosystem for the helical pile industry

Optimus represents much more than just a software; it's the base camp for the helical pile industry and professionals. Integrating a new science developed by Groupe Genius, this platform pushes boundaries by expanding the uses of helical piles. It facilitates communication between the industry, workers, and engineers, while securing financial transactions. Automated validation of project data and collection of relevant data ensure optimal efficiency at every step.


Integrated and connected equipment for simplified installation

In the second part of the software solution, Optimus offers integrated and connected equipment, present with installers on the job sites. These devices translate engineering instructions and information in a simple way for installers, using color codes and intuitive interfaces. The collection of unaltered data ensures full traceability, while compliance with standards guarantees public safety. Optimus represents a major advancement in the industry, combining engineering and technology for a modern and efficient approach to helical piles.


Partnership with Vistech Canada and future outlooks

As partners of Vistech Canada, our collaboration strengthens the effectiveness and relevance of Optimus. We continue to evolve, pushing the boundaries of engineering and technology to shape the future of the helical pile industry.
Contact us to discover how Optimus can revolutionize your helical pile installation projects.