Sustainable engineering

a responsible future

What is sustainable engineering?

Our approach goes well beyond conventional engineering solutions. At Groupe Genius, we conceptualize, design, and innovate while minimizing environmental impact.

By integrating innovative practices, we are committed to creating solutions that reduce the carbon footprint while ensuring optimal efficiency in every project.  

Our services


Expertise in prefabricated design, our advancement in the design of prefabricated buildings stands out. We are able to assist companies in optimizing the development of prefabricated products and/or the production facilities of prefabricated products.


BIM management and integration

3D modeling for all our projects, our advanced expertise in modeling and BIM allows us to support our partners in transitioning from 2D to 3D. Always ready to collaborate for innovation in civil engineering.


Building structures

Our engineers excel in structural design for all materials: steel, wood, concrete. Multisectoral low-carbon design, we create sustainable structures for various sectors, including industrial, commercial, multi-residential, hospitals, and institutional.


Civil engineering

Whether it's for green buildings, civil infrastructures, innovative commercial or residential developments, it's thanks to our specialized skills, with a strong focus on integrating innovative and avant-garde concepts, that our experts promise you sustainable, optimized civil engineering works designed according to your needs.


Technology development

Unlike traditional research and development laboratories, our expertise stands out by quickly creating and launching technologies and systems that have an impact on your business.

We are able to develop, standardize, and quickly launch the technologies you need that are not offered on the market. (Examples: Need for new connectors or standardized custom mechanisms? Constructive systems? New types of piles? Ultra-efficient windows? Lifting systems? Express sandbag envelope? Etc).


Integrated design

Our multidisciplinary team is capable of undertaking all necessary activities under one roof. From initial ideas to architecture, through sustainable engineering, civil engineering, and all other requirements. One point of contact and exceptional results.


Integrated services

Comprehensive project management, in a holistic approach. From conception to commissioning, we distinguish ourselves from the traditional method focused on plans and specifications.

Our achievements in sustainable engineering

Discover our concrete expertise through achievements that illustrate our commitment to sustainable construction. Each project showcases our ability to design, innovate, and minimize environmental impact.

Explore our successes, from civil infrastructures to commercial and residential developments, and delve into our distinctive approach that redefines industry standards.
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