About Genius Group

Builders of sustainable futures

About Genius Group
We are more than an engineering firm
We are passionate innovators dedicated to redefining the construction industry in Quebec.  
Since 2016, we have stood out with a revamped business model and an unparalleled thirst for innovation.

Our expertise goes far beyond structural design; we build sustainable partnerships and shape a better future.
Our mission

Our mission is to create sustainable engineering solutions that reduce the cost of construction projects while eliminating the carbon footprint of buildings.

We strive to be pioneers of eco-responsibility in every project we undertake.

Our vision

Our actions are guided by our values, such as:


We embrace creativity and innovation, constantly pushing boundaries to deliver ingenious solutions.


We are bold in our projects and ideas, taking courageous initiatives to create meaningful change.


We are accountable for our actions, decisions, and their impact on the environment and the community.


We are deeply committed to eco-responsibility, integrating sustainable practices into all our activities.
Our key members

Our team is our driving force.

Comprising passionate engineers, seasoned project managers, and creative innovators, we form a dedicated unit committed to excellence.

Each member brings unique expertise, contributing to our ability to push boundaries and deliver outstanding projects.  
Eager to contribute to a better world? Come see what we have to offer!
Jean-Michel Munger, Ing.
Annie Gosselin, Ing., Ph.D.
Directrice de l’innovation et du développement durable
Director of Innovation and Sustainable Development
Julien Plaisance, Ing.
Simon Paquet, Ing. M.Sc.
Ulysse Martin, Ing. M.Sc.
Goran Lugonja, CPI
Denis Nikolla, CPI, M. Sc.
Samy-Laël Poulin-Pierre
Peggy Lacasse